Fashion design

A journey from Conceptualization to Execution :

Here is the Garment Collection for  one of my clients of Jaipur. This line of garments  is really very close to my heart because it took almost 4 months from conceptualization to execution .
look at the heavy Embroidery done on the garments which almost gave me heart attack when the client demanded for it only.
Here is the complete details of this Collection from design ideas to design on sheet & design on sheets to final executed work. See the transformation of original ideas to finished garments.





- Swapnil Shukla

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  1. thumbs up for such a wonderful & interesting post
    ...outstanding work dear ...looking forward to see ur collection

  2. xcellent collection ......keep it up

  3. बेहद सराहनीय प्रस्तुति . शुभकामनाओं सहित बधाई.

  4. awesome designs.... looking forward for the next collection


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