Fashion And You !

 Fashion And You !

'FASHION' ..... you all have already hear this word but do you ever think what does it stand for ???????
Fashion means being in style . Fashion is a business of creating , promoting or studying the latest styles but the style that provides comfort.


The concept of fashion implies a process of style change, because fashions in dress, as well as in furniture and other objects, have taken very different forms at different times in history. 


Fashion reflects the society of which it is a part . It has been influenced by different culture, religion, and the arts . Individual personalities have also had an impact on fashion. Fashion trends and style statements are never constant . Each season each year witnesses a change in the fashion statement with the old style becoming a pass .

No new fashion succeeds until people are ready to accept it. The final decision about what to buy, or whether to buy anything at all, belongs to the consumer. Ultimately, fashions change because many people like new and different styles.


People all around the world like to follow fashion, although their styles are not always Western. They may combine elements of international fashion with elements of their own culture's traditional dress, or they may choose to wear primarily traditional dress. In India, for example, where many women wear the sari, fashion magazines carry pictures of international fashion and also interpret the sari in terms of fashion. In this system, the colors and patterns of the sari change according to the latest fashion, and fashion designers, photographers, editors, and models promote the season's fashionable saris.


Considering the importance of fashion in modern lifestyle , I am adding a new segment on my blog ' Swapnil Saundarya' named as ' Fashion And You' and through this segment I am going to introduce my lovely readers to the most creative and aspiring budding fashion designers from all over the country . It will be a great pleasure to discuss creative as well as technical aspects of this glamorous industry and the design process involved in the garment manufacturing .


I will try my level best to present the full creative  journey of a beautifully designed outfit  from its designing to execution .... it will be a great fun to see the transformation of a raw fabric into an elegant outfit .


One more aim behind this segment,  is to provide a platform to the emerging and budding designers to showcase their work and share their energetic, fresh , creative and innovative ideas with the folk .


So , in the first series of 'Fashion and You' ,  I am presenting Miss 'Alisha Harsh Malhotra' ,who is a budding fashion designer , currently pursuing her fashion design course from the renowned South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi . If I have to define her work in one word, then I will say it , ' Marvelous ' without any doubt. 


About  Alisha Harsh Malhotra :


In the words of Alisha , " I am someone who admires beauty and thinks that inner beauty should be complemented with outer beauty as well . I am interested in different things and through this segment of ' Swapnil Saudarya' , the readers will be able to see how I express my ideas . I am sure all the readers will tap into my imagination , understand what inspires and excites me . Though I am a newbie here but the readers will definitely get well written articles /blogs on  make up tips , accessories , fashion , outfits,  travel and lifestyle . Readers will also get to know what inspires me in fashion ."

" My articles/ Blogs under this segment { Fashion And You } of 'Swapnil Saundarya' will also be very useful for fashion illustration fans or the budding illustrators " ... she added .

So, Blog Friends ! give your encouragement and blessings to this stupendously creative emerging fashion designer so that you can get more useful info. and fresh updates of the fashion world .



Fashion Illustrations by Miss. Alisha Harsh Malhotra :

Presented and Posted by :

                     - Swapnil Shukla

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  1. Vijay Lakshmi5 May 2013 at 07:22

    wow........... one more new segment ! and its on FASHION !!!!!!!
    omg ! i am going to visit your blog twice a day for sure .
    congrats swapnil ji .
    nice work alisha !

    - Vijay Lakshmi, Keral

    1. Alisha Malhotra6 May 2013 at 11:45

      thnx alot :)

  2. Avinash Verma5 May 2013 at 07:28

    awesome designs and lovely presention .... i love the picture made by Rishabh ji ....its extraordinary .
    alisha's work is truely marvelous. and swapnil ji , you proved it again that you are a true represention of the word ' beauty ' because a person who has a big heart , only can present and promote the work of others so beautifully and without partiality.
    swapnil ji . best of luck for future.

    - Avinash Verma

    1. Alisha Malhotra6 May 2013 at 11:46

      thnx alot :)

  3. Nagendra kumar5 May 2013 at 07:29

    thumbs up for this great post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks swapnil !!!!!!!!!

    * Nagendra kumar

  4. Mridula Tripathi .5 May 2013 at 07:31

    great presenation + great work + great blog = swapnil saundarya ROCKS !!

    - Mridula Tripathi .

  5. Vedika Sinha.5 May 2013 at 07:33

    swapnil ! you really created a big platform for the budding designers and you presented the work of alisha soooo amazingly .
    keep it up .

    -Vedika Sinha.

  6. awesome blog .. " LIKE "

  7. very nice fashion illustration . congra8 alisha .........
    thanks swapnil ji for such beautiful post .

    - Mira Gupta

    1. Alisha Malhotra6 May 2013 at 11:46

      thnx alot :)

  8. Arpita Trivedi5 May 2013 at 07:42

    Very well written and well presented blog , congrats swapnil ji and alisha .
    looking forward for more blogs .
    - Arpita Trivedi


  9. this new segment is amazing and xcellent .the presentation, introduction and designs are superb but swapnil ji , plz provide some fashion tips also for your readers because we can trust blindly on the tips and advises given on your blog.

    - Kiran Rai

  10. Astha Srivastava5 May 2013 at 07:47

    A grand opening of one more new segment and its on fashion ! awesome idea, fabulous presenation and the good choice of designs .
    congrats !

    - Astha Srivastava

  11. Lovely blog . thanks for sharing

  12. Purnima Mishra5 May 2013 at 07:48

    very fine work . designs are truly innovative .
    fantastic presentation .
    expected some fashion tips for fatty women { like me ... LOL } in the next post .

    thanks !

    - Purnima Mishra

  13. Ashok Bajpai .5 May 2013 at 07:54

    Thanks for giving such crucial info. on fashion . Nice designs .
    keep it up .

    Ashok Bajpai .

  14. Swapnil ji . i m a regular reader of your blogs, columns ( in magazines)and i would like to tell you that each and every article of yours is really very helpful to improve your lifestyle . i would like to say you a big thanks from my heart and thanks for sharing knowledge . you are doing a great job.

    nice designs Alisha . best of luck for future .

    - Vikas Lamba.

  15. i love the black gown ........................
    can you tell me abt its cost . plz. and who is the right person to contact if i want the well finished garment of the same design .

    - Reena Shah

  16. hats off to you swapnil ji .you are doing a great job .
    these designs will get good buyers, i m sure beacuse of the freshness and most importantly you presented them in an excellent manner .
    good work .

    - Gagan deep

  17. Sarita Thakur5 May 2013 at 08:01

    i love your blogs from my heart swapnil ji .... aap kahaan kahaan se aisee sunder pratibhaao ko khoj nikalati hain . kaabile - taareef blog .
    lajvaab prastuti. badhaai. alisha ji kaa kaam bahut achaa laga .

    - Sarita Thakur

  18. Gaurav Mathur5 May 2013 at 08:01

    extra - ordinary creativity .......... very well written and presented blog . thanks swapnil ji .
    congra8 alisha harsh malhotra . best wishes !

    - Gaurav Mathur

  19. very different and innovative concept . illustrations are ultimate !
    rocking blog swapnil ji . looking forward for your next collection alisha .

    - Bimal Jeet .

    1. Alisha Malhotra6 May 2013 at 11:52

      thanx ..yeahh sure will soon upload my next collection. :)

  20. Long live swapnil saundarya !
    god bless.


    Naincy Patel

  21. enchanting work . thanks for sharing


  22. Alisha Malhotra6 May 2013 at 11:44

    thank you all!! for loving my work. :)
    special thanks to Swapnil for giving me an opportunity to share my work on her blog!! now looking forward to this new journey with her!!! :) :) thanx for the comments ...your response have encouraged me to do more enticing work in this new journey!!
    bisous :)

  23. very nicely written and well presented blog . congrats for this new segment .
    best wishes .

    - Ruby Chawla

  24. hey .please provide some information or basic tips on make up for nite parties .Thanks
    very fine illustrations . simply ' marvelous'.
    congrats Swapnil ji and Alisha. best of luck for the next post.

    - Mini Gupta

    1. alisha malhotra13 June 2013 at 02:55

      thnx alot!!!

  25. Long live 'swapnil saundarya'
    long live ' fashion and You '
    congrats to both the beautiful ladies .

    - Deepak Kumar.


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