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'Sakhi Kendra'
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Sakhi Kendra gifted love and justice to Shabeena - A fighter of Acid Attack . 'Acid attacks' have become a menace in India for women. The inappropriate use of acid on human body causes devastating effects on the body of the person.The most notable effects of an acid attack are the lifelong bodily disfigurement . The acid can rapidly eat away skin , the layer of fat beneath the skin and in some cases even the underlying bone. Eyelids and lips may be completely destroyed , the nose and ears severely damaged. It is not a new case as it is a method of showing male dominance over women for suppressing them as no person can show there face in the society with a deterred face. It damages a person physically , psychologically and socially .

Shabeena , an acid attack fighter attacked by a criminal . Her face and body got brutally damaged .Shabeena suffered very severe burns to her hands and face .She was from a poor family and couldn't afford medical care but Sakhi kendra, a renowned NGO based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh helped her by getting her surgery done eight times . Sakhi kendra also helped Shabeena to show great courage in the face of adversity and gifted her the biggest gift of justice by helping her to win the legal battle against the criminal behind the assault. Shabeena is a fighter and she never give up. She is not the victim but the fighter .

Shabeena is married now .She got her true love and the horrific past memories will never come back in her life. This way Sakhi Kendra gifted her Love and Justice and rebuilt her life . Shabeena  emerged a  winner and her story will definitely change the life of other victims as well  .

Kudos and heartiest Congratulations to Sakhi Kendra and Shabeena !

Sakhi Kendra is a non profit charitable organization working for the empowerment of women, gender equity and gender justice with aims to build a healthy society.
Mission :: 

Turning women into real strength  for themselves as well as for the entire society , through activism and alliance. To look upon the matter under persual of women human rights.

Goals :: 
- To build a healthy society devoid of any discrimination against any gender, caste and religion.
- To empower women for sustainable social transformation through workshops, trainings and seminars.
- To help  the suppressed women live with dignity and self respect and to give them opportunity to flourish in their full bloom.

Make your Life just like your Dream World !

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