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Travel Diary of Ansh ......
Explore India with Ansh Mishra
'Without a Single money'

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Editorial :

 Inspirng many people along the way , we are proud  to present this Indian Traveler and Writer who is unraveling the hidden destinations and  take you  to a  fascinating journey with his tales and photographs . So friends, say Hello to Ansh Mishra , who is a  Travel Blogger, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur (Corporate Training & Placement), Digital Marketing Expert by profession is on an adventurous mission to travel across India without a single money .

Hailed from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh Ansh,  has  a passion for travelling and sharing experiences . He is travelling throughout the nation with a motto and truly believes that we live only once . Travelling, photography and blogging are what Ansh craves for . His travel writings are reflections of his adventurous journey . Ansh Says, " I am a simple, kind and friendly person. Always ready on a road to explore humanity & get inspire in every moment and taste life to high. Nothing cost to be kind, smiling to people. This is what atleast we can give free to someone who is dead inside in absence of it. "

" I want to break the concept of impossible word for those who are not even attempting yet, hear a deaf & dumb life which can’t shout, taste new flavours, share untold story of life..!" he added.

With his hunger to write and travel , Ansh's writing and journey  is insightful, inspiring and helpful. Fascinated by various cultures , lifestyle and traditions , his mission to travel India without a single money portrays various aspects of humanity and presents an example of exceptional positive approach towards all of us .

Ansh Mishra is always aquainted with the hunger of diving into unknown destinations and testing his limits . Considering himself as a pious worshipper of Indian culture, Ansh has successfully explored some of the off beat destinations and is sharing their memories with the traveler community .

Ansh 's journey will definitely motivate those who wish to be a solo traveler and looking forward  to live an adventurous life. 'let's Roam' is his  travel and  photography page on facebook .

Ansh is travelling entire India without a single money since 3rd Feb 2017 till now....He made a world record in India to reach out Junagadh Girnar 20000 (10000+10000 UP & Down) step in 6 hrs even without single money during his hitch hiking trip as travelling entire India without a single money. Ansh has made it possible with lots of courage, effort, believe & the blessings of his near and dear one's . He has covered up 04 states of India till now including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujarat . His adventurous journey is still going .

Swapnil Saundarya ezine wishes him good luck for his future.

-  Rishabh Shukla


Travel Diary of Ansh ......
Explore India with Ansh Mishra

'without a Single money'

am traveling entire India without single money ! yes, you read it right. I am on a hitchhiking trip to India and its been over month. Let me share my story from the begining.

For some people, traveling is a dream that’s left untouched and for a select few, it’s a way of life! I have been long planning for something as adventurous as hitchhiking through India and finally, I had managed to pack my bags and embark upon a journey that will change my life forever. Like every middle class Indian traveler with great aspirations, I too have always been encouraged to make my own mark. The only problem, which I also believe to be common to most of us, is the paucity of funds! Well, when your goals become your passion, there’s nothing that will stop you. This would be a trip that wouldn’t cost me a single rupee. I will be hitchhiking, go without food, sleep on highways and depend on the land and its people to take me forward. The encouragement I received from fellow solo travelers will certainly go a long way in being victorious in the challenge I have for myself.

Hitchhiking in India

Traveling across 10 Indian states without a single rupee hasn’t been an idea that was born out of the blue. As long as I can remember, I had been taking up small traveling trips to as many places as I could. Apart from the joy of being in a new place, what’s has been more inspiring is the people that I have come across. Recently in Amritsar, I met this Punjabi uncle who came forward to help me just for the sake of helping a fellow human being. Experiences like these had made me surer about the trip I was going to embark upon. I was going to get help and I am destined to do what I love – I just have to keep on going!

My bags were packed with the bare essentials. Since, I will need to do a lot of walking, it was always better to keep things light. The only essentials were my dresses, my phone that connects me with fellow travelers and helps me find hosts and my camera (a recently brought Canon EOS 1300D) that helps me capture those beautiful memories I make on the way.

The journey started on the 3rd of February at Allahabad Railway Station. We were two people (Vipul Shukla and me, Ansh Mishra - bros!) who would be helping each other make the journey. We would be breaking our journey at Kanpur and Aligarh before finally reaching our first destination – Delhi! As usual, we didn’t go for a ticket but would try to manage get lift on the train to Kanpur (hope the TT doesn’t fine us)! And if you thought that wasn’t possible, think again. We befriended a railway post guard staff (Mr. Srivastava) who invited is into his coach and we spent one of the best nights of our trip. He fed us with self-made tea, biscuits, and even the parathas he got from his home. India is full of people like him and this trip is about exploring the same culture that unites us.

For the 2 days of our journey to Delhi, we were taken care of by Mr. Srivastava. In exchange, we had some hearty talks, shared our common interests and talked about our dreams. The last leg of Day 2 took us to our destination, the capital of this great nation. From the Delhi Railway Station, we made our way to the Yamuna Expressway where we hoped to hitch a ride to Mathura. The 180 kilometers of journey between Delhi and Mathura was made through 5 lifts and several kilometers on foot. We hitched on good trucks (Mr. Rajendra), tractors (Mr. Raju), another Goods truck (Mr. Shyam who was surprisingly from Pratapgarh, UP), and an ambulance and another mini truck (Mr. Dinesh). Each one of our saviors was men of soul and helped us without any expectations. The last man, Mr. Dinesh, who dropped us till destination even offered us enough food that should last us another day! The last 10 kilometers to Mathura was made on foot and as you guessed it, we were too tired to continue more for the day. Luckily for us, we found a Gurudwara near the Holi Gate of Mathura and there was food and shelter for as long as we wanted.

In Mathura, we visited the Iskon Temple at Vrindavan, the Prem Mandir Temple, the famous Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and many more. We had started our day with a serving of Prasad and tea from the Gurudwara. Now, entering the Lord Krishna temple requires you to put your luggage in a locker and pray free handed. We didn’t have any money for lockers but this time, we were helped by a generous police officer who brought us the ticket to a locker and we were able to say our prayers. In our trip in Mathura Vrindavan, we hitched around 7 rides, most of which were approached by free spirited locals. This also included a 12 year old kid who was driving an e-rickshaw that day since his father had met an accident and wasn’t able to come to work. We prayed for his success and the speedy recovery of his father. In spite of all the troubles, these are people who come forward to help you – this is what we call as India!

Our next stop was Agra and became a part of many more families who helped us reach our destination. It was sad time for me personally as Vipul got sick and returned back to home but i decided to continue till last destination with same zeal & confidence even being as single traveler.  We spent around 2 more days in Agra before heading for our next stop – Rajasthan. We would be covering several places including Bharatpur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Banswara. Or our first stop at Jaipur, we again got a lift from the Runakta Highway and it was a glorious journey. The truck driver even fed us one of the most delicious foods we have had in a while. At Jaipur, we were awaited by my friend and brother, Mr. Manohar Meena. It was 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, but we were already feeling the most loved people in this country. A stranger named Jagadish from Dausa City was now Jaggu for us and he was another example of such a person who showered kindness without any expectations. During our 4 days of stay in Jaipur, we visited the Jal Mahal, Jaipur Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Chandpol and Water Trade Park.

After covering 3 states, I reached Ahmedabad in Gujarat on 4th March 2017. Its almost one month wherein I am enjoying my life with several message / motive for all Indian or fellow solo travelers who love to explore anywhere but bond with lack of time or money.

Yeah, I have faced so many challenges, difficulties during these last one month. I did not get any food for almost 40 hrs, slept on highways in truck, walked a lot at late night around 1:00 AM to find a safe place to sleep are few of them. On the other side, I am happy to face those moments to get reality of traveling life, to understand people, to indemnify a community, to get inspire for your own life and to motivate all others travelers.

Hitch Hiking - Basically known as taking lift from one place to another place and moved on to other city from any stranger. There are several tips to get easy lift from national highway or local crowd. I will keep updating this travelogue with tips and the latest updates from my hitch hiking trip in India.

Keep an eye on Travel Diary of Ansh : Exploring India by Ansh Mishra .

- Ansh Mishra


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