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Travel Diary of Ansh ......
Explore 'Goa' with Ansh Mishra
'Without a Single money'

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Namaste All ! 

Hope you all have enjoyed reading the first and second  part of the Travel Diary of Ansh Mishra . Ansh has recently explored 'Goa' and he has shared his amazing experiences with us .'Goa' is the Land of sun, sand amd beaches. 'Goa' - 
India's smallest state – is tucked into the south-west coast of the sub-continent. It makes up for its diminutive size through the diversity of its 1.4 million-strong population and the wealth of experiences on offer in the region.

Although small, the state is among India's richest, largely thanks to tourism. The big attraction is more than 80 miles of coastline, and India's most sophisticated mass-market tourist industry: Indian culture is given a Goan twist, and strange foreign practices are tolerated more readily in Goa than in the rest of India. But if you delve deeper you will find plenty of culture and history, and some seductively accessible nature.

Conquered by the Portuguese in the early 16th century and returned to Indian rule only in 1961, the state has a Lusitanian air in everything from the architectural relics to the names of businesses. The resumption of Indian rule coincided with the development of the image of Goa as a hippy haven in the 1960s, and its allure has continued.

Most visitors – including those on charter flights  – arrive at the busy and confusing airport of Dabolim. The nearest town is Vasco da Gama, named after the Portuguese explorer. But to start to make sense of Goa, you should begin in the state capital, Panaji. (Like most places in Goa, the "Indianised" name has taken precedence over the Portuguese rendition, Panjim.)

Konkan is  the local language, and also the name of the high-speed railway line from Mumbai that has helped put Goa on the map for Indian visitors.

India was where yoga was born, and Goa is the most Western-friendly place to study the discipline – which also means it attracts a number of charlatans along with genuine yoga teachers. Yoga Magic near Anjuna is a reliable retreat that offers daily yoga classes, accommodation in Rajasthani-style hunting tents and delicious vegetarian meals. Prices start at Rs2,750  { apprpx. } per person per night.

Before it started offering yoga classes, Yogamagic was built to accommodate people heading to the nearby Purple Valley Yoga Retreat which teaches the dynamic and challenging Astanga style of yoga in a secluded valley. The retreat now offers its own accommodation; a week' stay at Purple Valley including classes, and three vegetarian meals daily.

Rice, fish and coconut are the staple ingredients in most Goan meals, punctuated with chilli flavourings. The fusion of Indian and Portuguese gastronomy is best characterised by the ultimate Goan dish of fish curry, but the vindaloo originated here too. Brought to Goa by the Portuguese, its name is derived from carne de vinha d'alhos, or meat with wine and garlic. It is traditionally made from pork and is less fiery than you might expect.

The dominance of Hinduism in Goa means that vegetarian restaurants and dishes are widespread and with the prohibition of beef for Hindus and pork for Muslims, lamb and chicken are the meats that appear most often on menus.

Drinking alcohol in Goa doesn't have the same stigma attached to it as it does in other parts of the country. In fact, the region produces and consumes its own variety of fiery spirit made from cashew or coconut sap: feni, made more bearable when diluted with water or soda.

Goa's charm lies chiefly in the wealth of beautiful beaches lining the shores, each with its own appeal. Take your pick from about 30 beaches strung out along the coastline. Swimming in the sea is generally safe in designated areas but take care in the months of October and November when the seabed is still settling after the monsoon. While Goa's reputation as one of the most liberal Indian states means that sunbathing in a bikini is entirely accepted, it is important to remember that topless sunbathing is illegal and wearing flimsy shorts or a bikini anywhere other than the beach is extremely disrespectful. The image of loose Western women has been circulated by the Indian media and as a result foreigners can sometimes experience pestering from local men asking for a photo or simply staring. These annoyances are less frequent on the northern beaches which are generally considered to be the most dynamic, developed and tourist populated. This also means that the best deals can often be found on packages to these areas. Calangute and Baga, for example, are prime destinations for tour operators. While lacking much authentic Indian charm, they do cater for all tastes and also house some of the most luxurious hotels.

Anjuna beach, the original hippy hangout, has changed dramatically since its original days but retains a touch of the unconventional. Try to get here on a Wednesday to see the extensive flea market. Here you will find hawkers selling jewellery, fabrics and trinkets from all over India, their wares spread out under the shade of palm trees.

Head north and you'll find peace again on the beaches of Mandrem, Asvem and Arambol – broad sweeps of fawn sand, backed by thickets of palm trees and casuarina pines.

Similarly unspoilt is Palolem, one of the state's most southerly beaches. With postcard-perfect views, lazy beach life and a chilled-out nightlife this broad bay has little in common with the more commercialised northern beaches. For something even quieter, wander south to the next beach along, Patnem.

'Goa' not only gives you a glimpse of its multi-layered lifestyle from rich to poor, but gives you enough reasons to fall in love with it. Lets Explore Goa through the eyes of Ansh Mishra, an Indian Travel Writer who is unraveling the hidden destinations and take you to a fascinating journey with his tales and photographs.

Ansh is travelling entire India without a single money since 3rd Feb 2017 till now....He made a world record in India to reach out Junagadh Girnar 20000 (10000+10000 UP & Down) step in 6 hrs even without single money during his hitch hiking trip as travelling entire India without a single money. Ansh has made it possible with lots of courage, effort, believe & the blessings of his near and dear one's . He has covered up 05 states of India till now including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujaratand Maharashtra . His adventurous journey is still going .

Swapnil Saundarya ezine wishes him good luck for his future.

-  Rishabh Shukla

Travel Diary of Ansh ......Part ~ III

Explore 'Goa' with Ansh Mishra
'without a Single money'

#Day101 :  Its Go Go Goa - Time. ! New state, new culture, New lifestyle! 

Started my day at early morning 6:00 AM and dropped by Guru till Kolhapur Highway and got one lift in Truck till #Talere which is approx. 90 KM from Kolhapur! 138 KM more to hitch hike!

Finally going to enter in another state (6TH) of  The #INDIA on 101 Day!
Ohhh yes forget to tell you guy's completed my century { 100 days } of this journey (without a single money ) and still notout ( Hahahaha) !

Let's Explore Goa with me !
G -- G --- Go----- Goooo-- Goaaaaaaa

#Day 102- 104 : 

Rich-Poor, Humanity-Self center(Ego-Attitude), kindness-Rudeness, Warm welcome-Formality- these all are just words of phrases or true ?

Let me answer now: Ye Sare pal kareeb se  dekhe hai maine during this Journey till now. But finally jeet Insaniyat  ki hi hui hai !

Insan chota ya bada nahi hota -uski soch use aisa banati hai! Gareeb aur ameer, insan nahi 'dil'  hota hai!
One side I got hosting in famous hostel-cum resort in Anjuna beach Goa-though other side waited for single food almost 15 hrs in a day even one time.

Spent 2N -3 D at Anjuna beach wherein had just one time food in a day but still I found that Humanity won.

You wanna know how? Dont forget that I got Food even one time in a day just bcoz of someone's Humanity, kindness, softness and big heart.

Let me take the name of those  soft hearted persons :

1: Manoj - An employee (Electrician) of The Lost Tribe Hostel , Goa.

2: Harsh & Sashwat - Well Known (Richest) Family Guys- Student of Hospitality industry from Lucknow but at moment in Goa!

My Motive of this travel & post is just to inspire all Indians! You need not to bound yourself for not traveling because of money/Finace issue. Be soft, and try to find, show, spread and gain humanity all around. If you can do this then you  can travel with zero money like me!

Day105 : 

GOA - #GOADIARY #bagabeach #sunet 
Date : 18th May 2017 !
Waited for this moment approx 3 hrs!
Finally entered in Sea with light shine of Sun during sunset in Goa!

Lets party all night!

It's central part of panjim Goa close to central church of Goa.
Walked few KM to reach this place where I'm staying as hosting.

Lets Dance India  ;) ;)

GOODBYE to " GOA (7N-8D -15th May -22 May2017 "

Its tough time to leave such nice place, city, state, environment, class, mindset, big heart and especially all those persons who took initiative to be a part of my this most amazing journey so far as its 108 day without any rupee. (penniless traveling entire India).

Its an emotional moment for me to get see off from such cool, loyal, smiling person, caring nature, sweet heart host like Mr. SUNNY SHARMA -#Panjim Goa who hosted me for 4N-5D with his maximum effort to make me realize that I'm having most comfortable moment with him like my own home.

Though he dont want let me go untill im not having any sure hosting for upcoming day's. Hence sure gonna miss his smile amd our crazy talk.

Its not easy but have to move, roam ahead and going to enter in 7th state of the India - Karntaka from today onwards.

Don't have any hosting till Banglor and have to hitch hike more than 25 days journey for exploring entire Karnataka.
I know its going to be hard luck, new adventure, extreme level, language issue, Non Vegi issue, climate, No host, No confirm food.

Is it really gonna make me to stop my journey?

Sorry- that's what I love to experience in my life and wanna enjoy eager of this journey with bunch of unlimited memories with help of such soft big heart INDIAN and to inspire all of you!

Just started my Hitch hiking today at 6:30 AM towards Karnatka without thinking about hosting & reached somewhere in Hubli 200 KM from Goa wherein took 10 lift ( 4bike, 4car, 1 career goods, 1 Truck & Few KM walk ) at 2:00 PM near Hubli airport area.

Let's Roam entire India with me!

Hitch Hiking - Basically known as taking lift from one place to another place and moved on to other city from any stranger. There are several tips to get easy lift from national highway or local crowd. I will keep updating this travelogue with tips and the latest updates from my hitch hiking trip in India.

keep an eye on Travel Diary of Ansh : Exploring India by Ansh Mishra .

- Ansh Mishra

Ansh Mishra is a  Travel Blogger, Writer, Traveler, Entrepreneur (Corporate Training & Placement), Digital Marketing Expert by profession is on an adventurous mission to travel across India without a single money .Ansh is a  nomad traveler who is willing to travel to explore humanity & get inspire in every moment, to break the concept of impossible word for those who is not even attempting yet, hear a deaf & dumb life which can’t shout, taste new flavors, share untold story of life..! 






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