Maaraq ~ A Pictorial Journey by Swapnil Saundarya

~ M A A R A Q ~ 
A Film shot entirely on smartphone by Nishanth.........

'MAARAQ' is a feature film shot entirely on a mobile phone camera, written and directed by young , dynamic and superbly talented film director Mr Nishanth Tripathi.

MAARAQ is based on a real life character and a true story. In an effort to establish direct communication with the god, an anonymous person calling himself ‘maaraq’ gives up food and water till he dies. A struggling documentary film maker ‘Pratishtha Singh’ decides to shoot Maaraq’s journey till his demise to earn a few bucks along with some attention from the market, due to the desperate and chaotic measures they encounter a series of events and characters that shape their lives eventually granting ‘Maaraq’s ultimate wish.

This film will be released by Amazon in December 2018. Please have a look on its Trailer :


Writer and Director :Nishanth Tripathi Produced By :Green Virus Studios