Thanks Sakhi Kendra for this invaluable honour !! Swapnil Saundarya

Dear all Blog Dosts !

What a wonderful start of this New Year ! Woo!
We feel very proud to receive this  award for recognition of our commendable performance in SAKHI KENDRA this year.  We feel great honor for receiving this important recognition award  from deep of our  heart. We are very thankful to our most respected Neelam Chaturvedi Mam for the award and very thankful to the members of Sakhi Kendra Family who supported us.
Thank you very much for this invaluable honour.
The entire journey with Sakhi Kendra till now  is a learning experience for us  and with the success of every program ; we are more energised and charged up to take up new and challenging tasks which would work in the benefit of our organisation and the environment.

Once again, thank you everyone!
- Rishabh Shukla - Swapnil Shukla