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Home decor collection

Home decor collection

Through this post ..I am going to throw light on ' home decor items ' of your signature style ..... I am sharing few pics of my collection of home decor range designed for my personal use which includes few handicrafts, candles, paintings, crochet , soft toys, matty work etc.  Before we go ahead, first lets understand the meaning of few terms : 
Decor : the style of furniture, wallpaper, carpeting, curtains, and accessories chosen for a room or house 

Handicraft : object made by hand: something made using manual skill 

Crochet :  form of needlework used to make clothes or decorative items from wool or thick stiff thread, by looping it through itself with a special hooked needle crochet hook 

Home decor collection designed by Swapnil Shukla
{ for personal use } .

मेहंदी स्पेशल { Mehendi Special }

वो हाथों का श्रंगार , वो सौंधी सी खुशबू ,
वो सहेलियों की खिलखिलाहट ,
वो उत्साह, हर्ष, उमंग व रोमांच ,
हर याद है तुम्हारी मेरे दिल के पास,
तुम हो मेहंदी, जो है हर स्त्री के लिये खास.....

                            - स्वप्निल  शुक्ल 

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