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Sneak Peek into the life of Jewellery Designer - Journalist Swapnil

Life of Jewellery Designer - Journalist 'Swapnil' in Pictures !!!!!!Swapnil  Shukla ~
A Jewellery Designer, Fashion Consultant, Artist, Design Journalist and Author. Attended SDPW, New Delhi.
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~ Biography ~
Swapnil Shukla is a Jewellery designer , Design Journalist, crafts expert and artist from India .She is the FIRST Jewellery Journalist and Fashion Columnist who writes and educates her readers about the most intricate subjects i.e Fashion , Jewellery and Lifestyle in 'HINDI' language.Swapnil’s work appears in a wide variety of notable Indian publications. Swapnil made her fashion columns and knowledge available to the hindi language people .  As a self-confessed ‘enthusiast of beautiful things’, Swapnil is also the chief Designer and co -owner of Swapnil saundarya Label , which is a luxury craft manufacturing firm .Swapnil …