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An Intro to Astrology .................

Astrology, the study of how events on earth correspond to the positions and movements of astronomical bodies, particularly the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Astrologers believe that the position of astronomical bodies at the exact moment of a person’s birth and the subsequent movements of the bodies reflect that person’s character and, therefore, destiny. For many years, scientists have rejected the principles of astrology. However, millions of people continue to believe in or practice it.

Astrologers create charts called horoscopes, which map the position of astronomical bodies at certain times, such as when a person is born. A horoscope is illustrated by a circle, called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the plane on which the earth orbits around the sun in a year. It is divided into twelve sections, called the signs of the Zodiac, which include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.…

Jewels Miscellaneous 2014

Jewels Miscellaneous 2014

Pride to present this memerising Jewellery Collection 'Jewels Miscellaneous 2014' by 'Swapnil Jewels & Arts' available @ Swapnil Saundarya e-Store.

élan ( Paintings Exhibition by Rishabh Interiors & Arts )

Pride to present  this mesmerising  Art Collection élan , a  series of Paintings  inspired by the feeling of enthusiasm, self confidence and style available @ Rishabh Interiors and Arts : The e- Studio.

Paitings :

* Ajanta
* Rebirth of Ajanta
* The Arousal
* Mother and  the Son
* Romance of the Pharaoh
* The Pharaoh
* The Mask
* Festival
* The Divinity Love
* The Warli Life
& many more ...........

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* These Products / Paintings are also available at 'Swapnil Saundarya Label' under Swapnil Saundarya Art Gallery Section .

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Supreme Home Therapy

Supreme Home Therapy - An Intro

'Supreme Home Therapy' - A quarterly online magazine that provides Interior Design solution for your residential and commercial spaces and encourages its readership to create a better ambience around them .

Supreme Home Therapy includes regular columns on historical architecture, art , design formulae, antiques, green design, renovation Time, Interior Design Outlines, Vastu and Feng shui, Residential Spaces and 9 to 5 spaces.

Supreme Home Therapy will be published four times a year, at three-month intervals . It is called Supreme Home Therapy because our goal behind this magazine is to cure physical, mental, or behavioral problems of our cleints by providing them a comfortable and stress free surroundings , sophisticated lifestyle , functionally improved and aesthetically enriched spaces. We believe that.... If we can't organise our living spaces then we can't organise our life . So, be a part of our Supreme Home Therapy and create a beaut…