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The philosophy of a lifestyle permeates everything you do , its the way you live , to what you wear to how you wrap your gifts . Its the amalgamation of living in the best way one possibly can.

'Swapnil Saundarya Label' is a collaborative effort between Rishabh Shukla ( Rishabh Interiors & Arts )  and Swapnil Shukla  ( Swapnil Jewels & Arts ) . We feel that life is all about good living . That is why our label has unique products at great value . Swapnil Saundarya Label is great at having unusual aesthetic design sensibility which is reflected in our products ranging from Jewellery , Clothes , Accessories, Furnishings, Furniture, Interior Products , Knick Knacks, Paintings , Paraphernalias to Lifestyle Books .

Swapnil Saundarya Label  is a place that offers a complete lifestyle solution.

At Swapnil Saundarya Label, we design and create beautiful lifestyle products that delights people and enables them to express their love and appreciation .

The lifestyle products designed and developed at Swapnil Saundarya Label are not only captivating but a true expression of your style .

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Swapnil Saundarya Blog

The desire to provide a showcase for diverse forms of creative expression by different groups of the society, gives birth to Swapnil Saundarya Blog . 

Swapnil Shukla ( Chief Writer and Designer ) of Swapnil Saundarya Label says, " I wanted to offer a platform for writers , artists and designers from different genres and that is why I created this blog with an Indian soul that highlights the diversity , uniqueness and richness  of Indian culture that always inspires me. "

The blog is available in Hindi and English language and include topics like  Indigenous Art, Fashion and Lifestyle, Beauty and Health tips, Wedding and Party Management, Interiors, Entrepreneurship and  Small Business ideas, Literature, Recipes, Home Remedies and many more .

About  Swapnil Shukla  

Swapnil Shukla is an Indian  Jewellery Designer, Couturier ,Columnist and Artist . She specializes in trends Forecasting, Lifestyle, Fashion, Gemology , Art and Astrology. After graduating from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women , New Delhi ( First with Distinction ) , she studied export management and start working as freelance designer and undertook jewellery design projects.

 She also worked as Design Columnist for many Nationalized Magazines and started the  famous and highly traffic grabber fashion & Lifestyle blog 'Swapnil Saundarya' available in English as well as in Hindi  . Swapnil has also authored a book  ‘Gehne – The Art of wearing Jewellery’.She has launched her own Designer Jewellery brand namely 'Swapnil Jewels & Arts' and now with a desire to add new dimensions to the design and Art industry , she started ' Swapnil Saundarya Label ' with a motive to make everybody's life beautiful and just like their Dream World . 

In the words of Swapnil , "All my designer products  are very close to my heart because all of them are  intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. They  truly represents the spirit of a woman "

" My  greatest satisfaction is a happy client ", she added. 

Nature, Art, Various Cultures, Religion  inspired Swapnil  in designing.

Swapnil Jewels & Arts


Nothing Less expectable,
Nothing more Imaginable.......
Just an Extraordinary piece of Art.

'Swapnil Jewels and Arts' is the sister firm of Swapnil Saundarya Label . At Swapnil Jewels and Arts , we pride ourselves on creating beautiful and bespoke designer Jewellery , Traditional as well as Contemporary Jewellery , from India which is captivating and a true expression of your style. The intention and goal is to create exclusive jewellery and innovative designs at excellent prices .

Our mission is to present, promote and highlight Indian Traditional Jewellery forms and arts globally because glitter of ancient era's jewellery will never fade as well as to create beautiful and remarkable fashion jewellery that suits and enhance the lifestyle of our clients.

Products And  Services

- Handcrafted Jewellery
- Fashion Jewellery
- Kundan Jewelery
- Thewa Jewellery
- Minakari  { Enamelled } Jewellery
- leather Cord Jewellery
- Design and Fashion Consultancy
- Astrology Consultancy
- Jewellery and Gems Journal /Articles

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Design Columns by Swapnil Shukla , published in various recognised magazines 


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