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Serving Emotions!

R K & Sons floral shop’s goal is to provide a variety of floral arrangements for personal needs or occasions or  for official purpose also.
We are focused on working with our customers in order to make their experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We have many ways to place orders so our customers have the convenience of choosing the easiest possible way to make a purchase.
The mission statement of R K & Sons is “serving emotions”. We will strive to make our customers experience the best, friendliest and most efficient service in the area. With “serving emotions” as our mission statement, we hope that customers will come back to us with their flower needs.

Our business is located in Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar a prime location in Patna for any type of business. R K & Sons (serving emotions) address is Shop No. LG-4, Ambition Sapphire, Below Reliance Trends, Khajpura, Bailey Road, Patna-800014.
The services  we provide will include setting up our arrangements/bouquets for events like holiday parties, wedding, funeral, school dance, fashion shows, meetings etc. floral jewelries and many more.
Another service that will be provided in the store is customization. The customer will have options to choose what he/she wants the arrangement/bouquet to have in it. There are endless varieties of flower types and colors that can be arranged in an endless amount of ways.

For R K & Sons our target market is anyone who is seeking a trustworthy florist for an event or special occasion. Since our prices is slightly low than other florist in competition, we hope to draw in customers of several income ranges who are seeking arrangements/bouquets for any occasion such as wedding , parties etc. we also target school students who are looking for flowers for their events.

 The geographical location of our target market is Patna, Bihar but we also deliver flowers in many major cities of India to fulfill the requirements of our customers.  Cities information at below:-
Patna,Bhagalpur,Ranchi,Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,Ghaziabad,Noida,Raipur,Jamshedpur,Kolkata,Jabalpur, Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Dehradun, Kanpur, Imphal.

Our business operation time is same in all seasons
Monday to Sunday: - 8AM to 9:30PM

We also provide home deliveries to the customers. They can either purchase arrangements or bouquet by visiting the store or they can order it by phone for home delivery after choosing bouquet or arrangements online. COD payment is also available to customers and for out station customers they can pay to us online.
We also do interior decorating work as customer required.
We are here to serve the best quality and service to our customers in their budget. As serving emotions our tag line we are bound to serve emotions of customers to their love ones as the way they want.
Currently glass vase arrangements delivery is only available in Patna but soon we will launch it in major cities of India. Orders of bouquet and cake are available for above said cities. Same day deliveries are also available in few cities. We also provide mid night deliveries for customer who want to make their love one birthday or anniversary more memorable. We have different time slots for customers they can place orders for the time they want. Future orders also accepted. For wedding and car decorations you can also contact us we have varieties of design for car and wedding decoration as per your requirements.

We are always here to serve you better !

Proprietor’s Note ::

I  would  like  to  say  a  big  thanks  to  Swapnil  Saundrya  Label  for   providing  me  such  a  huge  platform  to  advertise my  business.  I  am   connected  with  Swapnil  Saundrya  Label  from  last  4 years.  It  is  the  brainchild  of  brother  and  sister   Duo  Rishabh  &  Swapnil  Shukla.  On  behalf  of  RK  &  Sons ,  I  really  appreciate  Swapnil and  Rishabh  to give  me  their  precious  time  to  listen  about  my  business   and  publish  it  over  here. Kudos  to  both  of  you.
I  pray  to  God  that  Swapnil  Saundrya  Label  will  touch  the  sky  and  cross  the  line  of  horizon   soon . Rk  and  Sons   wishes  them  a  great  future  and  glittering  business   ahead.
All  the  best !!!!

About  the   Proprietor ::

 Born  in  Patna,Pratik Studied  MBA at  EIILM  University,  a  govt.  of  Sikkim  recognized  university  with  specialization  in  human  resource . He  has  worked  in  Jai  Prakash  Associates  ltd  for  05  years  as  Marketing   Manager . He  left  the  job  in  2015  and  started  his  own  business  namely R K & Sons.  For  RK and  Sons,  Pratik  says , “We  are  focused  on  working  with  our customers  in  order  to  make  their  experience  with  us  as  enjoyable  as possible.  We  have  many  ways  to  place  orders  so  our  customers  have  the  convenience  of choosing  the  easiest  possible  way  to  make  a  purchase.  As  ‘serving  emotions’  is  our  tag  line  we  are  bound  to  serve  emotions  of  customers  to  their  love  ones  as  the  way  they want .

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