Excellence Award in Fine arts by Uttar Pradesh Art Society

Honored with the Excellence Award in Fine arts by Uttar Pradesh Art Society ~

Brother & Sister Duo Rishabh and Swapnil Shukla honored with 'Award for Excellence' in Fine Arts by the renowned 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society'.

Swapnil Saundarya Label is proud to announce that Brother & Sister Duo Rishabh and Swapnil Shukla , both has received the 'Excellence Award 2016' in the field of  Fine Arts from 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society' .We would like to expres our gratitude to 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society'  for recognizing the efforts and dedication of our firm's most energetic, humble and extremely talented owners Mr Rishabh & Miss Swapnil Shukla.

Congratulations to both on this outstanding achievement !

- Swapnil Saundarya Team 

Thanks giving Letter by Swapnil Shukla..........

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have received  the 'Award for Excellence' in Fine Arts from  the renowned 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society'.  This award is given annually to those art professionals who demonstrates exceptional creativity and devotion to the field of fine arts in Uttar Pradesh .I am  extremely honored and writing this to express my sincere gratitude to 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society'  for selecting me as recipient of  this prestigious award. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award knowing that there were many qualified and talented art professionals .

-Swapnil Shukla 
 Swapnil Saundarya Label

Thanks giving letter by Rishabh Shukla...........

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have received the prestigious 'Award for Excellence 2016'  in the field of Fine Arts from the renowned 'Uttar Pradesh Art Society'. This award is given annually to those art professionals who demonstrates exceptional creativity and devotion to the field of fine arts in Uttar Pradesh . It's  like a Dream come True .... It is the fruit of my hard work . It is the fruit of my patience and trust me !  Its very Sweet . 

-Rishabh Shukla 
 Swapnil Saundarya Label

The Glorious Journey of the Proud Promoters of Swapnil Saundarya Label ::

SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA  was first a blog born out of the love of Jewellery Designer and Couturier Swapnil Shukla for art, fashion, Lifestyle and for sharing her passion for it. She says, "I Love to share my finds and discoveries through my blog and throwing light on the rich and unique culture and heritage of India .Considering the fabulous response by the readers, my brother Rishabh has metamorphosed this blog into an ezine namely SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA EZINE and it becomes a Big Hit in the short span. Today SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA  is a brand , a Government registerd enterprise with its own online store is something I look at with wonder and gratitude. SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL'S  products naturally reflect my loves, be it Conventional , contemporary or Bohemian.SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL is not about mass produced beauty, each product whether it is a Jewellery piece, Interior Accessory , Painting , Doll etc. is hand-made  and I have a small team of tremendously talented craftspersons who take pride in making each piece beautiful."

"It was my preconceived notion and a Dream to start a venture like this and SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA LABEL gives me wings to fly high in the sky and reach the line of horizon.I started writing my design and art  blog enthusiastically named 'SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ’ in 2012 . If you ask me , why SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ? My answer is : The word Swapnil means Dream, Dreamer  or Dreamy and Saundarya means Beauty. So, Swapnil Saundarya literally means Beautiful Dream  and that is what our philosophy is . SWAPNIL SAUNDARYA ~ Make your life just like your Dream World ! " , she added .

Rishabh Shukla of Swapnil Saundarya Label is one of the outstanding young Artists skilled in variety of handicrafts such as Painting, Metalcraft etc. Working for Swapnil Saundarya Label and Rishabh Interiors and Arts simultaneously , Rishabh has own acclaims from both critics and common people . He has held several art exhibitions and these have brought excellent response every time .Rishabh has authored two books on Interiors namely Ek Aashiyane ki Oar - A Guide for Residential Interiors and Supreme Home Therapy and also works as editor in chief of Swapnil Saundarya ezine ( An online Magazine dedicated to Art , Aesthetics, Culture , heritage and Literature ). Rishabh also blogs on Art, Interiors, Lifestyle and Society. He is also associated with the causes like ' Say No to Domestic Violence' , ' ' Fight Against Child Abuse' and ' Whole Body Donation' and his association with these social causes , represents in his paintings as well . Rishabh has pledged to donate his eyes and body to Yug Dadhichi Deh Daan Sansthan for medical research and scientific study.

Rishabh's abstract depictions of women are said to endorse the stereotype of ‘indianness'. His women are always represented as the mother, the lover, the seductress, or the muse.

Inspired by his artist sister Miss Swapnil Shukla, Rishabh began painting at age five, pursued Interior Design academically holding a Design Institute degree and continues to professionally create paintings as his life-long passion. Rishabh has become a known name in the art industry.

“My paintings are an exploration or journey that I’d like to take in a world that comes from my imagination with pieces of reality sprinkled in” said the artist ( Painter ). All of Rishabh’s work invites you in to experience Life’s Journey – with a twist.

Swapnil Saundarya Label is a Designer Lifestyle Products Manufacturing Enterprise from India  that curates and makes rare and handpicked treasures ranging from exotic Fine Arts to striking objets d'art and fascinating Bohemian jewellery, each piece is a collectible with a story. That is how they descibe themselves.Their exclusive Desi Dolls are a true exapmle of a perfect Luxury and high end Craft and the Paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new – merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical environment – in a truly distinctive style characterized as Surrealist .

Collaborative effort between Rishabh Shukla ( Rishabh Interiors & Arts ) and Swapnil Shukla ( Swapnil Jewels & Arts )SSL is great at having unusual aesthetic design sensibility which is reflected in their products ranging from Jewellery,Clothes,Accessories,Furnishings,Furniture,Interior Products ,KnickKnacks,Paintings,Paraphernalias to Lifestyle Books.Swapnil Saundarya Label is a place that offers a complete lifestyle solution.The lifestyle products designed and developed at Swapnil Saundarya Label are not only captivating but a true expression of your style .

About Swapnil Shukla ~

Swapnil Shukla is an Indian Jewellery Designer, Couturier ,Columnist and Artist . She specializes in trends Forecasting, Lifestyle, Fashion, Gemology , Art and Astrology. After graduating from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women , New Delhi ( First with Distinction ) , she studied export management and start working as freelance designer and undertook jewellery design projects.
She also worked as Design Columnist for many Nationalized Magazines and started the  famous and highly traffic grabber fashion & Lifestyle blog 'Swapnil Saundarya' available in English as well as in Hindi  . Swapnil has also authored two books namely  ‘Gehne – The Art of wearing Jewellery’ and Fashion Pandit . She has launched her own Designer Jewellery brand namely 'Swapnil Jewels & Arts' and now with a desire to add new dimensions to the design and Art industry , she started ' Swapnil Saundarya Label ' with a motive to make everybody's life beautiful and just like their Dream World .
In the words of Swapnil , "All my designer products  are very close to my heart because all of them are  intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. They  truly represents the spirit of a woman "
" My  greatest satisfaction is a happy client ", she added.
Nature, Art, Various Cultures, Religion  inspired Swapnil  in designing.

Swapnil says, " Jewellery is an expression of form, shape, function creatively with techniques old & new. With revere for the traditional techniques of jewellery making, my endeavour is to showcase a collection that is conformist to the technique & non-conformist in the way it is rendered.

Parallel to it is the collection that follows the modern techniques of jewellery making with coloured gemstones, pearls...left best to the imagination!!!

Swapnil has worn several hats , Jewellery Designer, Fashion Consultant, Craft Expert, Writer and Painter. More recently she diversified into Handicraft Products as an experiment in her journey in design .

Every experiment in her life she avers has been … “a step in my journey of growth and self discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work and existence.”

About  Rishabh Shukla ( R S ) ~

Rishabh Shukla is an Indian freelance Interior Designer, Artist and Design Entrepreneur, studied at the renowned INIFD ( International Institute of Fashion Design ), Delhi in 2006 , having 8 years of work experience. He specializes in Interior Design Journalism and beaux arts. Rishabh has worked in the design Industry since 2007 in the areas like Interior Design , Art & Colour Consultancy , Retail Design & Visual Merchandising , Art Appreciation, Product Designing, Writing & Design blogging . Rishabh created a business for himself in this niche market as an Interior Design Writer and Principal Designer of Rishabh Interiors & Arts ( est. 2013 ) collaborating with his clients to create beautiful living places and working freelance as an Interior Design Writer and Painter is a dream realized for Rishabh .He has held many Art Exhibitions throughout the country.Rishabh has also authored two books on Interiors namely ' Ek Aashiyane ki oar  A guide for Residential Interiors' and ' Supreme Home Therapy ' .

In the words of Rishabh, “Interior Design is an art & I keep it in that way......a living space is a reflection of one's inner story,easier told in colour & texture than words”.
" My Art work whether it is a Painting ,Sculpture or a Furniture has life and identity of its own ",  he added.
Currently , he is working as Co- Partner of Swapnil Saundarya Label which is a designer lifestyle products manufacturing firm , with a motive to make everybody's life just like their dream world.

Rishabh is known for remodeling and revamping interiors without major breaking and restructuring but doing a soft revamp make over where an entire new look is created in a matter of days without stress to the client , like a grooming job upon a man or a woman , a re-colour , re- dress of the home/ office/ showroom !
He specializes in quick make overs of homes that entail short quick re- vamps that eschews breaking and major re- modelling .This image makeover is his forte for homes, offices or retail spaces  and he is concentrating on it extensively in this age where people are not keen or do not have the time and often finance to do complete remodelling .

Minimalism with an edge of occasional whimsy is his signature style and to re-invent a space merged with ancient practices like Vastu and Feng- shui is his forte.

Rishabh says, " I am an aesthete , a lover of fine, applied and liberal arts and a professional Interior Designer. I have worn several hats as Interior Designer, Vastu Consultant, Painter , Columnist and Author . I enjoyed painting and writing like a picturesque journey. For me,design, shapes and forms were attractive since I was three or may be before even , I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its aesthetic function in accordance with my vision .I believe that our home is a canvas of our thoughts so its best to colour it with beautiful paintings ."

Rishabh's earliest memories of wanting to design were as a young child by trying to design homes and offices for him and his friends .He has always had love for architecture and art and when all the other little boys were playing cricket , he was busy designing his dream home and conceptualising his dream art collection. Fast forwarding several years Rishabh gained a Diploma in Interior Design and has utilized his 8 plus years of experience to every aspect of design in remodelling and new home construction . From layout and finishes , to project management and art consultancy , he has provide design and art consultancy to various clients and professionals .

Rishabh is also a Freelance Design Writer and has  authored two books on Interiors namely Ek Aashiyane ki oar - A guide for Residential Interiors  ( Pub. 2012 ) and Supreme Home Therapy ( Pub. 2014 ).

About Rishabh's Design Philosophy :
I believe that the best designs in the world are based on purpose and function . When a design solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible , the resulting form will be honest and timeless .Your home should be the statement of your style .

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