They set a milestone in their 20s. ~ by | The Elegant Life

Hello #TheElegantLife Team !

We can’t express in words how happy we are to get featured on 'The Elegant Life' , India.We deeply appreciate your kind words on our work. And your website seems lovely.

A big thanks for all the support that  #TheElegantLife has given us .Thank you very much for presenting our entrepreneurial  journey so beautifully . We have worked very hard to set a milestone and today after reading the full article we are thrilled by the encouragement that #TheElegantLife has given us .

All the best to you, to your family and to your co-workers and everyone involved behind this great feature on the Entrepreneurial Journey in our 20's .

We can’t think of anyone more vibrant and full of energy to represent us than you. We hope to have a long and continued relationship both professional and personal.

Thanks again and take care,

Warm Regards
Rishabh & Swapnil Shukla
Owners of SwapnilSaundarya Label

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