Yes! I am Bold || Stop Body-shaming!!

These Bold Anti- Body-shaming Paintings by Visual Artist Rishabh Are Impossible to Ignore.

'Swapnil Saundarya' For a Cause : Stop Body-shaming!!

Yes ! I Am Bold

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In an effort to shine a spotlight on body shaming indifference, Visual Artist- Interior Designer Rishabh aka Painter Babu  has created a series of “Anti- body shaming Paintings ”—that include bold language about the realities and prevalence of  body shaming .

YES ! I AM BOLD  is a collection of paintings by Interior Designer, Painter and Arts Journalist  Rishabh that speak out against  Body-shaming 

~ YES ! I AM BOLD ~ 
Stop Body-shaming 

Humor does not always conjure smiles. When used in a wrong manner, humor sometimes can be very twisted and affect someone’s life to the core. One such type of humor is body shaming, which is a corrosive trend that has become one of the most damaging forces in today’s world.

These days, people do not seem to find anything wrong in making fun of someone else’s body, and sure enough, it is the ‘fat’ guy who is the preferred target compared to the thin. Shockingly enough, some people think/believe that making a person feel ashamed of their bodies is a potent way of motivating them to transform themselves, and that they will work even harder to achieve this miracle.

If someone is unhealthy, tell them how to change that, show them how they can become fit, and encourage them to take that road, rather than just criticizing them, or even making fun of them. Discrimination, singling out, and shaming only causes stress and makes any person feel bad. If someone is already overweight, this stress can actually make them eat more and more, and consequently, gain even more weight.

The harmful effects of body shaming goes beyond just increase in weight. Here are some of the other major risks that body shaming presents:

Depression: People who are target of body shaming due to weight are at higher risk of depression and other mental illnesses (no surprises there).

Eating disorders: Body shaming is linked to an increased risk of eating disorders .

Reduced self-esteem: People with weight issues who are soft targets for body shamers, end up with major self-esteem issues. With no one to defend them, and unable to defend themselves, such people may become recluses, avoiding any kind of social interaction, be it merely going out with friends.

Kinds of Body Shaming


The most popular and annoying type of body shaming. You can say that this was the origin of body shaming process. You are not allowed to wear certain types of clothes. However, if you take risks to wear something you are comfortable in, which society doesn’t accept, you get slammed.

Few things “fat” people are used to listen to include:

– Join a gym, get fit.
– Keep a check on your diet.
– Don’t wear short clothes, they don’t suit you.
– Wear black more often, you will look less fat.
– Sleeveless clothes are not for you.
– No short hair.
– Are your legs paining? Oh! that’s because you’re heavy.


The world is so full of narrow-minded people that they don’t miss a single chance to judge you. They will never stop mocking you about your looks. Skinny shaming is one of the most disgusting parts of our lives. This is exactly opposite of fat shaming but is equally disgusting. In this case, men get more negativity. If you are thin, people will always consider you feminine in ways. But I’ll here tell you what skinny women go through on a daily basis:

– Eat more.
– Take proteins.
– Go to a gym.
– Don’t wear bodycon clothes.


Men don’t exactly fall under this category, because if a man has muscles, masculine body, he is considered as a stud, unlike women. There are a lot of women out there who love to go to the gym, stay fit and build muscles and abs. But unfortunately, they are all judged and slammed. Why? Because you are a woman and that body makes you look like a man.

Things they go through every day are:

– You look like a man.
– You are less feminine.
– Who will marry you?
– Dress more like a girl, to cover up your masculine body.

Its time to Stand Up For Yourself

Next time when someone condemns your looks, or mocks you, don’t just withdraw into a shell. Speak out against it. Express what is going on inside your mind. Stand up against bullying. Remember, your motive isn’t to humiliate them, but to make them aware of the negativity of their attitude and the implications of their ‘shaming’ on those affected.

Sometimes we just go into an overdrive with our feelings of embarrassment, terror, and panic, and even diet planning. Control your knee-jerk reactions. There is no need to feel terrified of those who lack even basic human sensitivity, for they are no better than beasts. 

Take a step back, breathe, sit yourself down. Then, take a hard look at the situation realistically and sanely. Trust yourself more than the person commenting. You have only yourself to take support from in your journey ahead. Strengthen yourself inside, and then plan to strengthen yourself outside.

Some comments should simply be ignored. If you have few of those callous ‘friends’ in your life who like to provoke you with their unpleasantness, and see you squirm with their comments, the best recourse is to stay away from such negative influences entirely. People like these usually thrive on your discomfort and misery. Trying to correct them or make them see your point is futile.

Plus, not everyone in this world understands your journey. Neither do they need to. The most important thing is for you to understand your own journey, and be your own well-wisher and guide.

Body shaming is an deplorable practice that must be avoided at all costs. No one is perfect, and if we remember our own imperfections, we will learn motivate, support, and encourage each other. Body shaming is an issue that will not be solved unless everyone learns to accept their own bodies, and until the myth of the ‘perfect body’ ceases to be.  

Body-shaming needs to stop!

Fat does not mean Ugly ....You don't have to be thin to be beautiful .

All bodies  are  beautiful ..No matter the shape or size.

HAIR IS NATURAL....You should never shame someone for their body hair 

My body My Choice 

Encouraging Health does not mean putting someone down for their weight.

YOur Body is not wrong ..Society is .

Never Shame other body types to validate your own.

Beauty is not measured in lbs.

Slightly dishevelled and a little overweight ...ugly , fat , effeminate ...He is not that muscley and his head is bigger compared to his body .

Flat, Skinny ....मरियल....कुपोषित  हो क्या ?

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