My name is 'traveler' and my work is 'this walk towards my journey'

Is vishad viddh-prahaar mein

Kisko nahi behna pada

Sukh-dukh hamari hi tarah

Kisko nahi sehna pada

Phir vyarth kyun kehta phirun

Mujh par vidhaata vaam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

इस विशद विश्व-प्रहार में
किसको नहीं बहना पडा
सुख-दुख हमारी ही तरह,
किसको नहीं सहना पडा
फिर व्यर्थ क्यों कहता फिरूँ,
मुझ पर विधाता वाम है,
चलना हमारा काम है ।

(Everyone has to flow with the tide of time, everyone has to face the two sides of the coin. I will not blame the almighty for any of these, for walking is my only work.)

Main poornata ki khoj mein

Dar-dar bhataktaa hi raha

Pratyek pag par kuch na kuch

Roda atakta hee raha

Niraasha kyun mujhe, Jeevan isi kaa naam hai

Chalna hamaara kaam hai

मैं पूर्णता की खोज में
दर-दर भटकता ही रहा
प्रत्येक पग पर कुछ न कुछ
रोडा अटकता ही रहा
निराशा क्यों मुझे?
जीवन इसी का नाम है,
चलना हमारा काम है ।

(In search of consummation, I kept wandering here and there. And at every point, obstacles bugged me. But why should I be sad, for such is the nature of life; such is the nature of this walk of life.)

Saath mein chalte rahe

kuch beech hi se fir gaye

gati na Jeevan ki ruki

jo gir gaye so gir gaye

rahe har dam, usi ki safalta abhiraam hai

chalna hamara kaam hai

साथ में चलते रहे
कुछ बीच ही से फिर गए
गति न जीवन की रूकी
जो गिर गए सो गिर गए
रहे हर दम,
उसी की सफलता अभिराम है,
चलना हमारा काम है ।

(Many started walking with me; some continued some dropped out mid way. Life didn’t stop for anyone, those who fell, were left behind. Unhindered success comes to only those who keep walking non-stop, this walk of life.)

fakat yah jaanta

jo mit gaya who jee gya

moond kar palkein sahaj

do ghoont has kar pi gaya

sudha mishrit garal, vah saakiya ka jam hai

chalna hamaara kaam hai

फकत यह जानता
जो मिट गया वह जी गया
मूंदकर पलकें सहज
दो घूँट हँसकर पी गया
सुधा-मिक्ष्रित गरल,
वह साकिया का जाम है,
चलना हमारा काम है ।

(The one who is ready to die for this journey, who is not afraid to drink in the joys and sorrows of life with a smile on his face is the one who lives the most. This elixir, this journey of life, is the most intoxicating of all.)


tu khud ki khoj mein nikal

tu kis liye hataash hai

tu chal tere vajood ki

samay ko bhi talaash hai

(Embark on that journey of self – introspection, even time is waiting for you to find your purpose.)

jo tujh se lipti bediyaan

samajh na inko vastra tu

ye bediyaan pighaal ke

bana le in ko shastra tu

(The chains that bind you, don’t mistake them for clothes you can’t take off. Melt these chains into weapons you unleash.)

charitra jab pavitra hai

to kyun hai ye dasha teri

ye paapiyon ko haq nahi

ke lein pareeksha teri

(Why feel helpless, when you are certain of your character. The world is not entitled to test you – with so many hidden skeletons in their own closets.)

jalaa ke bhasm kar use

jo kroorta ka jaal hai

tu aarti ki lau nahi

tu krodh ki mashaal hai

(Burn down to ashes, this mesh of injustice. For you are not the meek flame, you are a raging, burning fire.)

chunar udaa ke dhwaj bana

gagan bhi kapkapaayega

agar teri chunar giri

to ek bhukamp aayega

(Make flags out of your scarves, even the sky will pay heed. The mere fall of your scarf, is enough to shake the whole of earth.)

tu khud ki khoj mein nikal

tu kis liye hataash hai

tu chal tere wajood ki

samay ko bhi talaash hai

About Swapnil Shukla 

A Jewellery Designer, Fashion Consultant, Artist, Fashion Columnist and Author. Attended SDPW, New Delhi.

Swapnil Shukla is an Indian Jewellery Designer, Couturier ,Columnist and Artist . She specializes in trends Forecasting, Lifestyle, Fashion, Gemology , Art and Astrology. After graduating from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women , New Delhi ( First with Distinction ) , she studied export management and start working as freelance designer and undertook jewellery design projects. She recently got featured on 'The Elegant Life'  as young Indian entrepreneur who successfully started with almost nothing and set a milestone in her 20s.
 She also worked as Design Columnist for many Nationalized Magazines and started the famous and highly traffic grabber fashion & Lifestyle blog ‘Swapnil Saundarya’ available in English as well as in Hindi . Swapnil has also authored two books namely ‘Gehne – The Art of wearing Jewellery’ and Fashion Pandit . She has launched her own Designer Jewellery brand namely ‘Swapnil Jewels & Arts’ and now with a desire to add new dimensions to the design and Art industry , she started ‘ Swapnil Saundarya Label ‘ with a motive to make everybody’s life beautiful and just like their Dream World . 
 In the words of Swapnil , “All my designer products are very close to my heart because all of them are intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. They truly represents the spirit of a woman “
 ” My greatest satisfaction is a happy client “, she added. 
 Nature, Art, Various Cultures, Religion inspired Swapnil in designing.

 Swapnil says, ” Jewellery is an expression of form, shape, function creatively with techniques old & new. With revere for the traditional techniques of jewellery making, my endeavour is to showcase a collection that is conformist to the technique & non-conformist in the way it is rendered.

 Parallel to it is the collection that follows the modern techniques of jewellery making with coloured gemstones, pearls…left best to the imagination!!!

 Swapnil has worn several hats , Jewellery Designer, Fashion Consultant, Jewellery Journalist , Craft Expert, Writer and Painter. More recently she diversified into Handicraft Products as an experiment in her journey in design .

 Every experiment in her life she avers has been … “a step in my journey of growth and self discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work and existence.”


- Received the ‘Excellence Award 2016’ in Fine Arts from Uttar Pradesh Art Society
-The Story behind one of the most admirable products of her label namely Desi Doll has covered by India Voice News Channel , telecasted on 7th of Jan 2016



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